“Import by sea” service value proposition

What problems does our value proposition solve?

1 – Difficulty in finding space on ships for peak season pre / post Chinese New Year; periods of greater load pressure due to the seasonality of the various markets; cancellation of services (blank sailing) by the shipping companies.

Our solution:

We provide you with 100% of the services available from the Far East to the Mediterranean. You choose which shipping company to embark with among the 6 (among the top 10 in the world for size) that we make available to you.

Greater possibility to embark even in the most critical periods and to do it quickly! You choose the service based on your best advantage!

In addition, our Booking / Customer Care Office, active as early as 5 am to counter the “time zone” obstacle, allows more effective action “at origin” with quick interventions towards the booking offices of the shipping companies and with the producers of your goods.

Cargo ships entering one busiest ports in world Singapore

2 – Uncertainty about the arrival of ships due to: roll over (departure is postponed either at the port of departure or at the port of transhipment); delays in navigation due to adverse weather events; shipowners’ decisions on any omission of ports of disembarkation.

Our solution:

Internal team dedicated to the constant monitoring of your shipment that is not limited to consulting the web tools made available by the shipping companies but, combines a telephone action of crossing information with the customer care of the shipping companies.

Objective: to provide you with information on any changes in expected arrival as quickly as possible to establish together with the utmost reactivity the best possible solutions to the delay.

Transportation and logistics of Container Cargo ship and Cargo plane. 3d rendering and illustration.

3 – Uncertainty about the timing and costs of customs clearance in Italy for: customs classification; any customs checks by officials or other authorities; radiometric tests or medical clearance practices.

Our solution:

Our in-house customs expert provides advice and assistance in situations involving customs officials.

Monava International Transports S.p.A. with its long and specific experience (75 years of history), the AEO FULL certification is also authorized to issue customs bills in a simplified procedure, a procedure that allows even in the case of “customs checks”, in 90% of cases delivery of the container on the day of the provision.

All this allows us to produce these results:

  • Your container will be delivered within 24 hours of ship arrival in 45% of cases.
  • Your container will be delivered within 48 hours of ship arrival in 86% of cases.

Furthermore, with the completion of customs operations through our internal customs office, in the event of any customs verification, you have a certain and fixed cost.