In the third quarter of 2020 the punctuality of the container lines collapsed

The analysis and research company Sea-Intelligence published issue 110 of the monthly Global Liner Performance (GLP) report with data on the reliability, in terms of punctuality, of the shipping lines at the end of September. The spread of Covid-19 and the resulting pandemic reached a peak in the second quarter of 2020 and the reliability of containerized cargo shipping services has not been negatively impacted. According to Sea-Intelligence, the explanation could be due to the fact that, by operating a smaller number of ships (due to blank sailing), it was perhaps easier for maritime carriers to manage the punctuality of the maritime connections operated. The expectation was therefore to see a deterioration in reliability if and when shipping companies began to reintroduce ships and hold capacity to the market.

Recent weekly reports (Sunday Spotlight) also by the same research company show how the hold offer in the third quarter of the current year was higher than the previous quarter and, as correctly predicted, the global reliability of shipping lines has dropped to 65.0%. This is the lowest quarterly value ever recorded by Sea-Intelligence and is 14.6 percentage points lower than the same period last year.


Hamburg Süd proves once again to be the most reliable global carrier, recording 76.5% punctuality of its services in the months of July, August and September 2020, while GDP was the only player to record a lower compliance with its schedules to 50.0% (49% to be precise). All the top 15 carriers experienced a decline in the reliability of their respective schedules between the second and third quarter of 2020, with nine carriers reporting a double-digit decline.

Compared to twelve months earlier, Hamburg Süd recorded the smallest decrease (-12.4 percentage points) while Wan Hai recorded the largest decrease (-33.3 percentage points).

Source: www.shippingitaly.it