Container loss at sea: now it’s Evergreen’s turn

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The list of container ships that have recently suffered the loss of part of their cargo at sea is now being extended with the addition of an Evergreen ship.

The Ever Liberal, a 2014 unit with a capacity of approximately 8,400 Teu, in fact lost 36 containers off the coast of Japan while sailing from Busan to Los Angeles. Also in this case the reason for the accident was attributed to the difficult weather and sea conditions, in particular strong winds that according to the Taiwanese company led to the fall of the containers, precisely while the ship was located about 20 nautical miles southwest of the island. by Kyushu. In addition to the 36 who ended up at sea, another 21 collapsed on the ship’s deck. None of these, Evergreen said, contained any hazardous substances.

The company also added that the event fortunately caused no injuries among the crew members. After the incident, which the Japanese Coast Guard was immediately informed of, the ship resumed navigation en route to Taipei, where it arrived last Sunday and where it will now be subjected to due investigations.

In recent weeks, similar incidents have occurred to a Maersk ship, which lost about thirty MSC containers in the Atlantic and, it is feared, to another unit sailing in the North Sea in the same areas in which it was verified the case of Msc Zoe.

The most serious case, however, was that of the One Apus, a ship with a capacity of 14,000 Teu that suffered the loss or damage of a total of 1,900 containers on deck, of which about forty with dangerous goods inside, with an estimated damage of about 200 million dollars.