Asia – Mediterranean: we are moving towards record rates

The rise in sea freight rates between Asia and Europe shows no signs of slowing down and is approaching record levels.

The Alliance shipowning consortium (formed by Hapag-Lloyd, One, Yang Ming and Hmm) plans to implement blank sailing for a quarter of the planned hold capacity at the beginning of December and this move is coupled with the predictions of Hapag Lloyd’s increase the tariffs for the transport of containers by sea between Asia and Northern Europe by 70%. On this trade, the German carrier communicated to the market that the Fak (for all kind) freight for the 40 ‘high cube boxes rose to $ 4,890 (UK excluded). Those who were to ship to the ports of Great Britain, struggling for weeks with serious problems of congestion, will have to pay up to $ 5,390 for the same load.

The ports of the western Mediterranean are not faring much better, including the Italian ones overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, for which Hapag Lloyd’s Fak rate rates reach $ 4,910 per 40 ‘HC container from Asia.

But that’s not all: the German shipping company will soon introduce a surcharge renamed ‘marine fuel recovery’ (Mfr) of $ 310 for containers traveling from Asia to Northern Europe and $ 296 for those destined for Mediterranean ports. .

The research and analysis company Alphaliner recalled that the previous record for freight rates between Asia and Northern Europe recorded by the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index amounts to $ 4,328 seen in March 2010 but the latest increases just announced by Hapag Lloyd if indeed they will have taken on the market will break this record.

HAMBURG, GERMANY - AUG 2, 2017: ship of Hapag Lloyd is loaded with huge cranes in harbor of Hamburg.

Fonte: www.shippingitaly.it